Do Business Downtown

Canton’s downtown workforce enjoys a range of amenities, from its centerpiece Central Plaza, to the variety of retail and service businesses that offer convenience to the downtown worker. Over 30 restaurants serve the dining needs of 10,000 employees that make up the eighth largest downtown labor force in the State of Ohio. Read on for information about the business services that the Canton Development Partnership can provide for both existing downtown businesses and businesses who are seeking relocation information to our downtown city center.

Business Recruitment

If you’re interested in locating your business in downtown Canton, Canton Development Partnership can provide information about available space, financial packages, parking and other information important to your decision-making process.

Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding or relocating an existing business, the Canton Development Partnership is ready to work with you. Our convenient and confidential Site Selection Assistance Program can help you find just the right space downtown.

For more information about economic development and Canton’s favorable business climate, contact Canton Development Partnership by email.

Site Selection Assistance

Site selection assistance is a phone call away for perspective business owners with an interest in locating a business in downtown Canton.

The Partnership maintains a site database to enable prospective business owners targeted site selection. Partnership staff can also provide a community profile, assistance in securing financing, sifting through government regulations and tour assistance.

For more information about economic development and site selection assistance, contact Canton Development Partnership by email.

Business Retention

The Canton Development Partnership isn’t just interested in bringing new businesses to downtown–we want to make sure our existing businesses continue to thrive and grow.

If you already have a business in downtown Canton, we can provide information and assistance to help you maintain or even expand your business.

The Canton Development Partnership often serves as a facilitator in issues related to parking, building permits, safety and street cleanliness. We can help you meet with the right people and organizations to help you find a solution.

For more information, contact Canton Development Partnership by email.


The Canton Development Partnership partners with the City of Canton to bring new businesses to our downtown. We also support our current businesses as they grow and develop. The CDP maintains information on vital facts and statistics relative to our central business district.

Information on space inventory, occupancy rates for commercial buildings, daytime population, parking, etc. are available. The CDP often serves as a facilitator and advocate for downtown issues such as parking, safety, and cleanliness.

For more information, contact the Canton Development Partnership by email.

Loans and Grants

The City of Canton may provide business incentives to companies that relocate within the city limits or substantially increase their employment base.  CLICK HERE for more information.


Aesthetic initiatives include flower planting, banner and flag program, additional seasonal police security for the central business district, architectural review process for downtown developments, and assisting the city in keeping downtown clean and safe.

Downtown Marketing

Marketing projects include wayfinding, conducting a series of high quality events to generate activity, operating a seasonal farmers’ market, publishing a downtown newsletter, and developing successful arts events and programs.

Economic development initiatives have consisted of attracting new business to our center city, maintaining a comprehensive list of available space and coordinate efforts to create new housing downtown. The Canton Development Partnership also maintains a speakers’ bureau and is happy to provide speakers to community groups to discuss downtown issues, projects and developments.

Economic Growth Initiative

The City of Canton “Economic Growth Initiative” is a program that provides incentives to companies that relocate within the city limits. This program is also available to companies that are presently located in the city that increase employment.

CLICK HERE for more information for call the City of Canton 330-489-3258.