Boards & Committees

The Canton Development Partnership and its partner organizations maintain a variety of boards and committees.

If you are interested in joining a committee, or if you’d like to have a new committee considered for the Canton Development Partnership, please contact us.

Downtown Canton Land Bank Board:

Ronald D. Becker
Marshall B. Belden Jr.
William H. Belden Jr.
Theodore V. Boyd (Exec)
Steve Coon
Maxwell Deuble
Michael P. Gill, President
David N. Grabowsky
Charles H. Hoover
Thomas A. Kolp
Gregory W. Luntz
Ronald J. Manse, Treasurer
Victor R. Marsh
James L. Miller
John A. Murphy Jr. Esq, Vice Chair
Mark Samolczyk
Dennis P. Saunier, Secretary
William T. Schauer
Thomas W. Schervish (Exec)
William C. Shivers
Susan Steiner, Chair
Robert Timken
The Timken Foundation

Special Improvement District Board:

Ronald D. Becker
David T. Beule
Steve Coon
Mayor Thomas Bernabei
Charles Hall III
Robert J. Hankins
Tom Harmon
Jon H. Jacob
Michael E. King
Rodney W. Meadows
David Peppard
Dennis P. Saunier
Thomas W. Schervish II

Canton Tomorrow, Inc. Board:

Emil Alecusan
Adrian E. Allison
Ronald D. Becker
Brian Belden, Chair
Mayor Thomas Bernabei
Thomas A. Chiappini
Janet Creighton, Comm.
Joseph Daleiden, Vice Chair
Alex Haas, Secretary
Jeffrey A. Halm
Michael E. King
Ronald J. Manse, Treasurer
Victor R. Marsh
Rodney W. Meadows
Timothy J. Putman
Mark Samolczyk
Dennis P. Saunier, President
Joseph Schauer
Thomas W. Schervish
Randolph L. Snow Esq.
David M. Wheeler
Tena Wilson